NLtags not populating

Hi, I seem to be having a problem with one of my TBX files in that Taggers are not NLTags not populating. It did before but it’s now a few months. I can’t see anything that has changed in the meantime, and if I start a new document the tags propagate as expected. (Highlighters work fine.)

Any thoughts would be most welcome.

Hey Jeremy, hard to tell without looking at the file, which I suspect you don’t want to share publicly. If you’d like, I have some time today, we can hop on zoom and I can try to help you figure it out.

Alas, this is one for the developer, @eastgate. We’ve verified that taggers are working in a test file. So it is a specific file where they are not working. It appears when the file is opened that something in the file is blocking the tagger attributes form from being initialized. After the file opens, all the tagger attributes are NOT greyed out and are editable, which they should not be. We deleted all the taggers in a copy of the file to verify that it was not a corrupted character in a tagger note, but this did not work. There is some other conflict that I think only Mark can uncover at this point.