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Note Dimensions

New to Tinderbox. Is there a way to make a Note conform to certain dimensions. At the Protoype level. In other words I want notes that belong to a certain Prototype to be the same size/

A note’s height ($Height) and width ($Width) are https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref7/index/ObjectsConcepts/Concepts/Attributes/Attributesintrinsicattri.html so can’t be inherited by normal means.

That’s slightly tricky, because the size of notes — their $Width and $Height — are among the handful of attributes that aren’t inherited. That’s because you typically want to specify the size and placement of each note (and of their aliases).

But you could use a rule on the prototype to force notes that inherit the rule to have a specific size. For example:

Rule: $Width=3;

would require that this note — and all notes that inherit this rule — have a width of 3.

However, you could use a rule or, better and edict, to (re0) set the note size, with this code:

$Height = $Height($Prototype);$Width = $Width($Prototype);

Just make sure you don’t set this code in a note before the prototype is set or your note will set a height/width of 0/0!

This is really what I wanted to understand. What attributes are controlled by Prototype and what are not.

What do you mean by “controlled by Prototype” (sic)?

Have you looked into intrinsic attributes?