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Note>Go Back - Keyboard shortcut is not working for me

Hello all! I want to navigate back 1 note using the keyboard. I have version 8.9.1.
The ⌘ ’ is not working for me --> to navigate back a note for example when i click on a link. Is there something I am not doing? Thanks

Testing v8.9.1 OMM (10.14.6) the ‘go back’ shortcut work. It may be you have some other app open that has taken this shortcut. During any OS session (i.e. start-up to shut-down) the first app opening to register a short cut holds that (if still open) if another app wanting to use the same shortcut opens.

Figuring out which app currently ‘owns’ a shortcut isn’t easy. the best method is to close other apps and check for different behaviour.

Thanks I will try that to diagnose the issue. If i wanted to re-map the keyboard shortcut to something else - is that possible?

Sure— either use System Preferences:Keyboard:Shortcuts or a macro program like Keyboard Maestro.

That worked, Thanks.

I use Shortcut Detective: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/55960/shortcutdetective

Yes, same here. One of things you don’t need until you do!