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Note Name vertical alignment

All these years and none the wiser. Where’s Vertical Alignment set for notes in Map view? I like 'em top-and-centre. Some of the colour schemes do that. But how? HOW? What’s the attribute?

Now I shall go back into the nice corner of the room and squat in my heels, rocking back and forth.

It’s not set. Titles are vertically centered unless

  • the note has a subtitle, or
  • the note displays its text, or
  • the note shape isn’t rectangular.

But… but… I swear I… oh God, I am living in an alternate Universe. Forking paths! Multiple iterations! Fred Hoyle!

Thanks. Suppose it’s a weight off my ‘mind’.

If people would like an option to disable vertically-centered titles in those cases where it’s currently used, that would be straightforward to add.

Hello Mark, I was about to create a new post when I found this discussion.

In some instances/shapes, the vertical alignment of notes w/o subtitle and text is no correctly set or the placement changes with the dimension of the shape. See the example screenshot.

There is no “NameVerticalAlignment” or “TitleVerticalAlignment” attribute, right? Based on your comment, the vertical alignment is only defined as “center” if the shape is a rectangle, right?

Thank you very much!


Placing text in a shape is actually quite a tricky matter. Even when we say “center the text in the rectangle,” what do we mean, exactly? Is the baseline centered? The midpoint between the highest ascender and the lowest descender? The midpoint of the height of small caps? The baseline plus ½ the x-height?

I’d like to revisit this.

Thank you, Mark.

I, naturally, do not have a good answer.

If the Title is wrapped within another “invisible” rectangle, I would align the vertical and horizontal centers of the two, i.e., the Note Shape and the Title invisible rectangle. Maybe the way Inkscape handles alignments could serve as inspiration?

Just digging up this old topic to say that I’d like to be able to set vertical alignment for titles if it’s a simple thing for you to add. I’m wanting to approximate index cards on maps, and having the titles at the top would help. I could use subtitles, but for various reasons I’d prefer it to just be the title.

Thanks in advance.