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Note title and Display expression

Hello to all TBxers,

I am working on a TB file to gather information about contacts and clients. As you will see in the attached screen capture, the note remains “untitled” even though I set the Display Expression as $FullName. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I intended to set the note title to match the name of the person.

The prototype also includes a set of rules to populate the subtitle and the note’s badge.

if($Organization!=0){$Subtitle=$Organization+" | "+$JobTitle;};



Thank you very much for your help!



$DisplayExpression does not change $Name, it changes what is displayed instead of $Name in maps, outlines and other views. So, in your example, your note is displayed correctly in the map in your screenshot – in other words, $FullName is shown rather than $Name in that note on the map.

The string “untitled” appears above the key attributes table because that is where $Name is displayed. In other words, you have no errors – Tinderbox is working as designed. If you want something other than “untitled” to show above the KA list, then change the value of $Name.

Thank you, @PaulWalters

I did not know the difference between the two properties. Setting $Name = $FullName as a rule does do the trick.



To clarify further, see also $DisplayName.

Views (and many dialogs) show the note’s $DisplayName. The note’s text pane always shows the actual $Name.

$DisplayName holds the output from $DsisplayExpression, if there is one, or else it is the same as $Name.