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Notes didn't move with adornment

I have a bunch of adornments with $AddOn actions, into which I drop the appropriate notes for that adornment. I ended up short on space in one adornment for adding additional notes, so I moved the adornments below that one further down the page. However, this seems to have caused some of my notes to leap off or slide out of the adornment. Dragging them back caused them to lose my stamp (critical, important, relevant, etc.). Can anyone explain to me why this happened and how to correct it so it doesn’t happen again?

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you set an adornment to sticky, notes on or overlapping the adornment will move with it.

If you have a smart adornment, notes matching its query will be drawn onto the adornment and thus move back onto the adornment if it is moved.

This begs the question, ‘how did you move it?’. I tried simulating the event from the description you give but don’t have that problem. Could you post a link (or upload) a small TBX file that shows this problem repeatably?

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I wasn’t aware of the sticky, thanks!

Hmm, I can’t post the whole thing (because I’m in non-disclosure for some of the info) and I’m tied up at the moment with regard to making up a new file, but I’ll try to do it later. All I did was grab the adornment that held the notes and drag it.

Quick question, does the $Sticky just go before the $OnAdd in the Actions?

No, $Sticky is set in the adornment. Use the More sub-tab of the PropertiesInspector. Setting a note as sticky has no effect.

FWIW, I did try dragging a sticky adornment (with an $OnAdd) across another adornment with an $OnAdd in case one triggered the other’s OnAdd but adornment and notes were unaffected. I repeated the test twice to allow for a different z-order (stacking) of the 2 adornments.

Without more of a feel for the sort of code you’re running, other things like agents, etc., it is hard to surmise further.