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Notes overlap in chart mode

I’m a tinderbox newer. I have many notes in my documents, and the following is my first look in chart mode. Anything is ok.

But when I open the note “阅读”, the notes overlap.

When I close the note “阅读”, it shows good.

I can’t replicate this ( did include trying notes with non-Roman characters as are depicted above). Does the overlap occur when you first open the document, or after a specific event, e.g. changing tab or view type? Does it occur only in this document, or in all your documents?

I would suggest sending the document to Tinderbox support (info@eastgate.com) with notes as to how to recreate the effect illustrated.

We’re aware that the chart layout algorithm sometimes gets confused in this way. Diagnostic cases are very welcome

Sorry for the late response. I have sent the case to bernstein@eastgate.com

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