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Oakley tutorial on Composites

Thanks to the tip from Mark Bernstein – this tutorial on Composites from Howard Oakley (leading expert on Storyspace and Tinderbox) is well worth the time

(Mr. Oakley also manages to insert an easter egg into tutorial – a neologism that, when searched in Google, returns exactly one Google hit. A rare thing.)


Althuogh most of Howard’s writting is about Tinderbox’s sister app Stroyspace, I think there are a lot of good ideas in his articles for Tinderbox users as many of the features he describes are common to both apps. He’s done quite a bit of writing about considered use of inline images in Text notes and has done some of the only writing I’ve seen on non-fiction hypertext, and overlooked subject (IMO!). Anyway, recommended. This is a good summary page: https://eclecticlight.co/2016/10/26/storyspace-and-hypertext-index-to-articles/

Great source of information. Thanks for sharing!