Old files hanging in 9.6

I have installed 9.6 on my machine. Whenever I try to open a document made under 9.5 it hangs. Spinning wheel of death!



This is not normal, please contact support tinderbox@eastgate.com directly as it may be necessary to get more detail or even to see a copy of the file (noting the forum here is public so truly private data should not be posted here). When doing so it would help to clarify if it is all docs or just a particular document.

If the doc has a lot of links, it might be worth just leaving the document for a good while. Why? If it’s an issue I saw during testing, this was a once-off issue per doc and only seen in large highly linked docs. That said the feature (much wanted by some) causing the latter was pulled from v9.6 pending further testing so I assume the associated code was also removed.

FWIW, I had this problem with a reasonably complicated file (it had three windows each with a few tabs).

The only solution I could find was to reinstall v9.5.2 and open the file, then simplify it by removing all but one window. Then v9.6 could open it and from then on it has worked as it should.

I reported this through the bug tracking system, together with all the hang and crash logs and Mark B is looking into it. It may be worth trying reinstalling the old version in a similar way, though the OP should still report the error directly to Eastgate of course.


It’s confidential data so I can’t share the file even with the developer. Where do I get 9.5.2?

I figured sharing might be a problem, given your username.

v9.6.0: http://www.eastgate.com/download/tbx960.dmg

v9.5.2: http://www.eastgate.com/download/tbx952.dmg (Last v9.5.x release)

v9.5.2: http://www.eastgate.com/download/tbx950.dmg

(You can probably see the URL syntax there in the above to find other versions. It’s probably worth keeping the old/new version DMG files around while you run this to ground. Whilst Tinderbox is normally placed in the OS’ /Applications folder, different versions can be ‘installed’ at the same time by having them in different folders. For instance, I have the public release in the Apps folder and the current beta on my Desktop, etc. If you have more than one version installed, beware:

  • the open version is the one you think it is (via Tinderbox ▸ About)
  • don’t open both versions at the same time: it won’t break but it’s not a good idea.
  • open docs from the open app not by double-clicking the TBX so that you know the doc has opened into the open app version and hasn’t opened a different version,(see above bullet).

Having several versions is less scary than all that text makes it sound, although outside testing like this it is rarely necessary (apart form the beta test crew).

It’s still worth contacting support directly to try and run this down. I assume it is just the one file and not all files. Or only some? It the latter that might help track down the cause.


Back to 9.5.2, and all running smoothly. BH


because of “advocate” or “scotland”? :wink:


I new backstage release may help with some of this.

\Does the file in question have > 1000 notes?

It is 48 Mb
Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 21.21.34