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OmniOutliner container vs. Tinderbox containers?

!!! I am not referring to a notes body text and therefore I am solely referring to a note’s title text !!!

I love having the ability to hyperlink any word in a container note title to any outside sources. This give me the ability to move extremely fast and put ideas down, connect them as quickly as my fleeting thoughts. I am aware of the little thing that OmniOutliner … no comparison. The idea here is visual manipulation as a method for those little creative sparks. Hyperlinking container title notes works great for my workflow.

Touching on another but related issue, I am also able to manipulate - besides the hyperlinkinking of title notes - , the color, size, format, and so on of every word inside a container’s note title, the text of the container. This opens up an infinite amount of ways to query, set up actions, and do all sorts of amazing stuff but I have yet to figure out if Tinderbox is capable of manipulating the container note title to the extent that OmniOutliner can. I am strictly referring to the visual expect of the text of the container title notes only

I’ve moved this to the category ‘off the wall’ as the suggested features don’t exist. It is not possible to make a link from a text anchor within a title. Tinderbox lets you set the following title features: font, colour, size, bolding and strikethrough.

For anything more I suggest you make a feature request to Eastgate. It does seem to be a lot of new engineering for niche return. The primary gain I see is information density (more indicators/links) packed into a small space.

lol, thanks for your insight.

Don’t read anything into the category name :open_mouth:, it’s just historically where we’ve put new feature type discussion! Watching Tinderbox evolve since 2004 (when I first started using it) the ideas you describe are definitely a branch to existing design as they would significantly alter the functionality of the Title (and thus all UI elements dealing with it) and possibly to the linking design as well. Not good/bad, just different!

yup, insight after a lol…not so good. I wasn’t trying yo be sarcastic, I am in fact geniunely thankful that you take your time to always reply. I mean, it would be pretty foolish to argue with a little over a month of TBX on my resume.

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Tinderbox notes assume a single color and typeface applies to the entire title. (This is not precisely true; if your note contains glyphs that aren’t defined in the designated font, the system will obtain those glyphs from a different, suitable font. But that’s not what you have in mind.)