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Once source, two different exports

Output_for_print.zip (85.5 KB)

This zip is a refresh of an old v5-era file containing a TBX, and two specimen HTML output pages. One set of pages is for a speaker and one for their audience, the latter omitting some speaker only parts and also giving more pace between heading for the audience to write notes as they listen.

The demo also uses a simple rule-based trick to set a number ($MagicNumber) within the outline branch to be exported, such that the top note is #1, even if not at outline level one. The export code uses this $MagicNumber to write per-level CSS classes into the HTML, allowing for customisation of colour, indent.

I suggest this to people more as a set of ideas. Some of the problems being worked back in v4/v5 days have other solutions now, but there are still ideas to borrow and re-use/improve.


Good stuff! Very nice approach.

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