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One website or multiple?

I realize that this question may be better served elsewhere, but Tinderbox users are nuanced thinkers and explorers.

I’m using a TB document to craft articles for a personal website. Some interests include:

  • Art and design
  • Books
  • Jazz
  • Marketing automation (teaching videos and certification)
  • Managing in technical environments (soft skills)
  • Using open source for nonprofits (big overlap with marketing automation)
  • Personal scraps (quotes, photos, thoughts)

I am not trying to build an affiliate marketing empire, nor do I care about what big brother -er- search cares about my site.

We talk a lot about one big TB document or many. This lends itself to the question: should I build one website or 2-3 based on the major subjects of marketing automation, nonprofits and personal?

My site: https://andersoncreative.com

Dear Bill Anderson,

Thank you so much for your interesting data on your site.

I am afraid the book title of your tag:book is not correct.

I do not want to trouble you with a small matter on your


August - September, 2018. Books on Kindle: 271.

Kamakaze; a Japanese Pilot’s life (nonfiction) - Yasuo Kuwahara

Kamakaze should be [ Kamikaze ]

With kind regards , WAKAMATSU kunimitsu(Concert Flutist)

I have made the correction, @WAKAMATSU -san. Thank you for your help!

It was quite an interesting book, however, I understand that it’s authenticity is under question.

Again, thank you for your kindness.

One site. Multiplying yourself across three sites is three times the work and possibly confuses your readers. The template you’re using buries the categories at the bottom of the page – you might want to consider moving them to a sidebar or top of the page where they can be persistent and easily found. I’d also suggest adding the the category to each posting (under the title for example) so the reader can click on the category to see an index of related posts and quickly discover other posts on the topic.

Check out Mark B’s blog for a really good example of content variety and navigation.

(BTW, your calendar widget shows only the current month – cannot seem to access prior months – and clicking the dates does nothing – does not navigate to the posts for the clicked date.)

Thank you @PaulWalters for the feedback. I do like Mark’s blog.

I’ve been struggling for years to set up and keep a website (cobbler’s children), and set this one up over the weekend. I like this particular template because of the clean typography and minimalist approach, and I agree that the calendar is not very functional.

I hadn’t thought about the categories at the bottom, and now that you point it out, I agree with you. I also noticed an inconsistency between the vimeo posts and the text posts; the classifications disappear. I hope I can wrangle both into submission but I’m not much of a front-end coder…

It’s a start. Before, I would build out sites within the CMS (Wordpress, Typo3, Concrete5, Processwire, Publii, Plone) and then copy-and-paste when I change technologies, move servers, etc. This sounds odd, but I run a bespoke hosting service for a few select clients, so I’m always learning new technologies using my sites as the victims.

Now, I will use a combination of Devonthink and Tinderbox to keep reference, draft articles and store the finished project. If I move the site, I don’t have to start from scratch or hunt for old articles.

This is an admittedly chaotic setup. My wife always complains that she doesn’t know how to turn on our stereo because I’m always rewiring the system…