Open a specific note on startup

One of the ways I deepen my skills in Tinderbox is to take a task I do elsewhere and try to do the same thing in Tinderbox.

I track a lot of personal date in timeline notes, and I’ve created a Tinderbox document with notes for quarters, months, weeks, and days. the resulting linked structure gives me a handy and sophisticated tool to examining my timeline.

I’m trying to write action code that will activate today’s note when the Tinderbox document is loaded; my daily notes are all named using the schema “yyyy-mm-dd” in numbers.

Before I get started,I thought I’d see if there’s a fast way to do this … or if I can get pointed in the “right” direction.

There’s not a good way to do this in 9.5.

@ptc97504 What do you mean by this? For me, I’d the simplest approach would be to have an agent running at the top of your outline; this would find and sort your “latest notes.” The question is how do you want Tinderbox to Create “today’s” note? There are many ways. We can discuss on Friday’s Patreon call.

There’s interesting suggestion here. Many apps nowadays have the concept of a “daily note” which many folks use as a sort of hub for short notes keyed to today. Obsidian, Evernote, LoqSeq, Roam, Tana, Craft, TheBrain, and of course DayOne, and many more, have some version of this daily note concept and a calendar view for selecting these notes.

I’m not 100% certain this is a good organizational paradigm for Tinderbox documents, however.

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This will be possible in v.9.6.0, due soon, as it adds a method to select (as in selected in the UI) specific notes.

So, though not possible today, I think there is a solution soon. The details I can’t cover here as by convention, beta features are not discussed in this forum. I suggest we raise this again when v9.6.0 is out.

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