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Open note with space bar?

I’m dusting TB off again now that I’m returning to school. Three years ago TB5 was the perfect tool for writing papers, so I’m excited to play around with TB6 for the first time and figure out how to make it work best for me.

In TB5, when I had a note highlighted in either map or outline view, I used to be able to hit the space bar (I think that was the key) and a separate window would immediately pop up where I could write contents of that particular note. It seems this isn’t the case anymore? It seems like writing inside a note in TB6 means using my mouse to click into the pane for that individual note on the right side of the screen. Is this the way it works now?

I’m finding it a bit difficult to express this question because I don’t quite have the language down; hopefully I’m making sense. Thanks!

TB6 uses a single window concept. The window can have one or more tabs (two by default). Each tab has 2 panes with a moveable vertical splitter bar between them. The right pane is effectively the pre-v6 text window, and the contents change to reflect the selection is the view pane at left. As you could change the view type of a view window, in a v6 tab you can change the type of view displayed in a view pane.

You can open multiple windows, though in most cases this offers little upside over adding a new tab except (on big screens) of displaying two different views at once. You also open notes as so-called tear-off windows. These hold the note’s KA and text and are editable but they can’t be used for linking as dragging links between windows is not possible any more.

If you haven’t already, I’d take a read through this part of aTbRef6 which describes the new UI and how the new link parks work.

Have you tried CMD+ALT+X ?
that is what I use to pop up separate windows.

It is important to note that these ‘tear-off’ text windows only persist for the current session and will not appear when the document is closed and then re-opened. The latter is likely to not be the expectation of someone just moving from v5 to v6.

Edit, see next post.

Another “tear-off” text window is simply a new window which contains only a text pane.

That window will persist through multiple sessions.

However, Tinderbox Six usually prefers that you make a new tab, rather than a new window. Note that tabs can be text-only, map-only, or mix map and text as you prefer.

I stand corrected. When did tear-off text windows become persistent? (Originally, they were session only). At a slight tangent, non-text tear-off are, I believe, still session-only? I only ask so I can correct documentation as pertinent.

A text window (⌘⌥-X) isn’t persistent, but a standard window which has only a text pane (⌘-4) is.

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Thanks. Good, that means it is documented correctly.

that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

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Thanks to everyone for the replies. I’ve got what I was looking for!

Is the only way to directly open a note in map view now to use cmd-alt-x?

It is the only way to open a stand-alone window of a selected note, but bear in mind that since v6 Tinderbox is a one-window design, tabs and stand-alone windows not withstanding. Do not assume a v6+ stand-alone note window is the functional equivalent of a v5 note window.

The primary reason for stand-alone note windows being added back in v6+ is to allow comparison of more than one $Text at a time. IOW, just because you’re used to using stand-alone windows in the past don’t rely on these as a way to try and avoid using the new UI as designed/intended.

Simply selecting a note in Tinderbox “opens” the note in the text pane.