OpenAI - Assistant API - TBX demo

as demonstrated in todays meet-up here is a demo to use the OpenAIs Assistant API with TBX.

OpenAI_Assistant-API.tbx (395.4 KB)


Thank you so much for this. I wish I’d been able to attend the meetup. I’d have learnt a lot.

I have a question: would it be possible to create a “generic assistant API” that could work with one’s model of choice, be it Claude AI, Gemini or Mistral?

From the little I’ve seen out there, it would entail making some generic attributes such as $APIKey, @ModelName and $Path (to the assistant) or something like that. Just a thought, in terms of further developments to the demo. I think that would be fantastic.

Thanks once again!

Hi Fidel,

sure it is possible to create a generic interface to different APIs. But this is a lot of work and may be to complex for TBX code (no debugger, no OOP…) - but it is not impossible.

The APIs differ a lot:

OpenAI and Google Gemini do have the most advanced APIs. It depends a what you try to solve with the LLMs. This should be the main reason to choose one of the AI models.

I already store path, APIKey and Modelname in the attributes of TBX notes. Still the demo is limited to OpenAI.

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Noted with thanks! The way things are going I won’t be surprised if the next major update of TBX has this functionality built in.