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Outline Filters: 'real' selections don't reflect filter view selection



I’ve just started using Outline Filters and have noticed the following:

  1. apply a filter to a container, then select all the visible notes in the filter outline.

  2. Look at a map view of the container

Expected behaviour: only the filtered notes will be selected.

Actual behaviour: every note in the container is selected, including all the unfiltered ones.

In other words, multiple selections in filter view ignore the filter and include the unfiltered notes in between (at least, I think that’s what’s happening).

That means that applying attributes to the filtered selection can have unintended consequences (ask me how I know…)

Am I missing something, or is this the expected behaviour (I can’t find it mentioned in the help file or atbref)? If so, it does seem to limit the use of the filter as a quick and dirty agent replacement which is what I thought it was for.

Many thanks.

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I tried this in v8.0.6. I can’t replicate your results. If I select both notes in the outline, no notes are shown as selected (different tab of the same window in case that’s pertinent. However, either way this doesn’t look right. I’d certainly not expect hidden/out of scope notes to be included in a selection.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for testing… I can confirm your observation that nothing at all is selected in the map when filtered items are selected if you’re doing this in the same window.

But I still get the same behaviour I reported before when the filtering is done in a different window. Then the filtering is ignored and all items are selected.

I’ll report it as a bug.

Thanks again.

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I understand the underlying issue here.