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Outline view checkbox tick color

Hello, the Checkboxes entry of aTbRef says (and shows) that “when ticked, the tick character within the box is drawn in the note’s $Color.”

By changing the “Interior” color of the note with the appearance browser in version 8.2.3 (b426), I can indeed change the title and icon color. However, for the life of me, I can’t get the tick color to be anything but red (in any color scheme, light mode, or dark mode):


Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you!!

I can confirm this - the tick-marks are always red. I’ll reports this. I’m not sure whether the design changed (my notes there probably pre-date the v6 new codebase) or this is a glitch. But for now, the ticks are red-only. I’ll change aTbRef if necessary when I know the correct story.


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I note my article is illustrated using the v5 UI. There’s a good chance the using-$Color part got missed in the v6+ code change. Tinderbox has a lot of little used features so it’s entirely possible this has flown under the radar for a while. Regardless: note to self to update the picture in that article in due course.

Thank you very much–I am quite new to Tinderbox, so small things are still hard for me. This makes it hard to know the difference between not getting something and a glitch!


They’re always red and will likely remain so; they haven’t been drawn in $Color since Tinderbox 5.12

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Thanks for checking–now I know I didn’t have some sort of fundamental misunderstanding!

aTbRef updated. Check-mark is now red, regardless of note colour.

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