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Outline View List Order spontaneously changing?

Hi all - I’m having an issue in a particular project wherein notes in some containers spontaneously re-order (in Outline View).

At first, I wasn’t clear specifically when it was occurring. So, I added an Attribute “$Order”, and entered unique numbers for each note in that container. I switched out to a Map View, returned to the Outline View and found that my notes were out-of-sequence.

For clarity - the project does not yet have any agents. The “Sort” order in the Action Inspector is also disabled (for the particular container).

I’ve been having some screen redraw issues since the past couple versions, which make my Outline View hard to read sometimes. The workaround I’d found was to switch briefly between Views. But since the workaround is messing with my note sequence, it’s also impacting my productivity.

I could perhaps populate $Order attribute and force-sort the container - but the notes are not ready to be locked into their sequence yet (so that would mean constantly manually re-numbering, trapping myself with complex ordering schemes, and so on).

Any thoughts/suggestions?

The only possibility I can imagine is that you’re accidentally making composites in map view.

When a note is added to a composite, its outline order is moved so it is adjacent to the other notes in the composite. If you don’t want composites, you can change the default value of $NeverComposite to true.

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That’s not the case, but thank you for narrowing down. I’ll keep an eye and try to generate a replicable situation, and email you.

Interestingly, I’m having the mirror-image problem; moving items in the outline is moving them in the map view (in V8.9.2). Bit odd.

If you drag an outline item out of its container, and then back into the same container, you will move the note’s map position. Returning the item to a container it formerly occupied, Tinderbox places the arriving note at a safe position where it won’t overlap or hide other notes in the map — not where it formerly was in olden times.

I’m moving the note within the container. I can’t replicate the problem in a fresh file, so it’ll be something odd. I’ll send a file to support.