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Outline View > Use Columns > Any way to sort up/down on a column?

Hi, when using ‘Ouline View’, and then ‘Use Columns’, I have added the attribute ‘MyDate’.
Is it then possible to sort the MyDate attribute up / down?
How do I do that?

Thanks for helping out!

You can’t do this directly in outline view. But you can change the Sort criteria of a container to sort that container by any attribute; see the Sort pane of the Action Inspector.

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Hi Mark,
Thanks for helping out!
I have indeed found the Sort pane in the Action Inspector.
There I have selected to Sort By ‘MyDate’.
Is there anything further that I need to do to activate this? (As I don’t see anything happening)!

Thanks for helping out!


Sorting affects the child notes in a container. Select the “Synology” parent note and change its Sort settings.

Thanks Paul and Mark!
That did the trick!
One step closer to understanding… :wink: