Pairing Tinderbox with analog notes

When you work with TBX do you ever pair it with paper note-systems, or is the philosophy here to keep everything in one place?

I love paper note-taking, the journaling of my ideas, and thinking things out in a permanent record that dosnt need to be plugged in. Im sure some people here combine a paper/analogue system with their TBX systems so I thought Id ask what works best?

Currently Id imagine that paper may be the final destination for the work I do in TBX.

I use paper notebooks for all notes on books. Usually using a lovely Tomoe River notebook and fountain pen – TWSBi is a favorite – intentionally being as analog as possible. My reading notes evolve. I read books and make extensive marginal notes in the book. Then I rewrite those notes into the Tomoe River notebook, revising my thoughts and adding follow-up research tasks for myself. Then, this second distillation is the foundation for a third reworking of the notes in Tinderbox.

This applies to books that I feel need a long process of reading and reflection. If I’m just reading something quickly for information, I’ll probably jot the notes into Tinderbox with references and skip the re-working process in the middle. Article reading goes into Readwise, and I discard 95% of that as unimportant, on second read of the notes. The reminder might go into a Tinderbox document, if relevant to the project (work or personal) at hand.

Like many, I’ve always found that the best retention and understanding of written material is via handwritten notes, enhanced by multiple passes at reviewing and rewriting the notes.

I do something similar - using Europa A4 notebooks (decent enough Clairefontaine paper) and a Pilot Capless pen - it’s the way I wrote all the notes for my D.Phil thesis back in the early 80’s (then laboriously typed into Wordstar). I now supplement thoughtful slower reading notes (like you, the marginalia comes first) with dictated ‘information’ notes to my iPad mini - which I also use to transfer longer notes/sections of analogue prose into Scrivener.

Tinderbox is for the many info notes and their many connections, and then another breed of notes (mini-analyses) which connect them into narratives.

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