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Park Link view position

Is the bottom the only place where Park Link appears in Map View?
If another note is composite under the note, it will not be visible. :thinking:

Did you see Draggable link anchors?

Sorry if I have been misguided.
I meant the link that has this marker.

No problem - terminology isn’t always obvious :slight_smile: . OK, so Link stubs are fixed, they:

  • can’t be deleted
  • outbound stub, if present, is always below the note
  • inbound stub, if present, is always above the note

Does that help? If you need these stubs to be moveable, i’d suggest sending a use case and feature request to Tech Support (tinderbox@eastgate.com).

You can also open up the links pane, ⌘7 to show the link pane. I find this VERY helpful.