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Pasting several single line notes instead of giant multiple line note

I need to import some data from Google Sheets: 120 cells from a row. If I paste this into Tinderbox, instead of 120 notes, I get a single one with 120 lines of text in it.

Is there an easy way around this?


Try downloading the sheet as .csv and dragging that .csv into a Tinderbox document. Or download as .xlsx, then opening that in Excel, copying the rows (and their columns) and pasting that into a Tinderbox document.

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OR, use Explode… to explode the note by paragraph, giving you a new note for each line.

Or just select the cells in Google Sheets, command-c t0 copy to the system clipboard, click in a Tinderbox view, and command-v to paste. Tinderbox sets up the notes and creates attributes matching your column headers in Google Sheets if they don’t already exist.

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