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Picture in Map view

I would like this to be implemented in the future: when an image is dragged into a TB map and a note is created, the image is shrunk to the size of the note window rather than cropped.


  • Marco.

Images dragged to maps create image adornments, not notes.

What do you want to see with “shrunk to the size of the note window”? What “note window”? The map? You want the image to fill the visible area of the map? Or something else?

Sorry for the imprecision Paul, you’re right. I mean dragging a photo into a note and visualizing the note in map view. There I can see the photo, but cropped, to see the whole picture I need to enlarge the note, what I wish is an option that display the photo shrunk to the size of the note window.

Ah, now I see. Yes. Good idea.