Pictures Inside TB files

As noted Dec 18 Meetup , What are the best way to get images inside your notes

  • @eastgate suggested smaller images will not affect performance at all.
  • @satikusala showcased enabling path in finder using View->Show Path Bar-> Copy Image file from the finder and pasting same in TB note using img tag as below
    <img src="/Users/prashant/Downloads/decision-tree.png">

  1. Being week in Markdown , I can’t figure how to do the same as Markdown Images
  2. How to insert images in Adornment?
  3. How to “link” images in Adornment?

I don’t know about adornments, but the standard way to transclude an image in markdown seems to be something like:

![img01.jpg](path to image)  

There are variations depending on the flavour of markdown.

I found ImageOptim — better Save for Web to be a great tool to decrease image size

This Works !! Thanks . is there a syntax to resize this too?

You should be able to use Height and Width as you do in html. I don’t remember the exact syntax off the top of my head. It feels a bit strange to mix markdown and html, but it has worked when I have tried it.

I have a couple of videos on this very topic:

Per the videos, above, I use attributes to construct the path. You can do the same thing with markdown.

This (the path is being pulled from my TBXConfig note, see second image. Per the condition, if the note has local values for the MediaPath or MediaDir, the note will use those):

Previews as this:

Note, the convention for adding a width to markdown is ![CAPTION](SRC PATH){width:200px}

I have found, however, that the various markdown engines don’t reliably accept this.

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