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Plague Dinners Exercise Questions and Answers?

Several months ago, MarkB posted his wonderful Plague Dinners Tinderbox document. He challenged us to use it and practice our Tinderbox Analysis skills as an exploratory exercise. He suggested some questions as a starting point for us to consider during our analysis.

By chance, does anyone have the list of questions he proposed to explore the document? Unfortunately, I lost the email and hence his questions.

I would also be interested to hear what others may have gleaned from the exercise?

Thanks in advance

*The following is the email I received from Eastgate on July 3, 2020. The questions are in the Read Me note at the beginning of the file you can download, below. The answers … I leave to others :slight_smile: *

A Tinderbox Exercise

Early in the crisis, I started a series of weblog posts describing each night’s dinner. Sooner than I would have believed, there were more than 100 of these! Many also have brief notes about COVID policy, my work, or whatever else occurred to me.

I’ve collected these notes in a simple Tinderbox file in hopes that they might provide some useful exercises in using Tinderbox to analyze and visualize notes. I’ve also added a note of suggestions for some Tinderbox exercises. Some are tasks that you might often perform on meeting notes or while researching a book or planning a talk. Having a shared set of realistically-messy data might help people innovate. Other suggestions are tasks more suited to historical or even forensic analysis. They’re easy enough for novices, but some might challenge experienced Tinderbox users.

In keeping with The Tinderbox Way, there are almost always several different ways to solve each question. I hope these might inspire some interesting discussion in The Tinderbox Forum.

Plague Dinners: https://www.eastgate.com/download/PlagueDinners.zip

Ah ha…I missed the readme note. Thanks Paul.