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Plotting a list of numbers?

I understand that plot() and related functions operate on the child notes in a container to produce a graph displayed on the note. What I am looking for is a way to produce a graph based on a set of numbers stored in a list attribute. I was thinking I might call an external command like gnuplot and perhaps embed the resulting image in the text of the note, but wondering if there is a simpler approach.

Context: I have an attribute in a container that will track how the child count changes over time (a stamp I run periodically appends this number to a list) and thought it might be helpful to see this visually.

Rather than use a stamp to append to a list, I typically make a container to hold notes. The container’s OnAdd is something like:

OnAdd: $StartDate=date(“today”);$MyNumber=$ChildCount(/that/interesting/container)
Sort: $StartDate
Prototype: Dashboard
Pattern: plot(…)

Then when I want to record a milestone, I make a note and drop it into the plot container.

You could transition by making a note, copying your list into its text, and then exploding that note. Now you have a bunch of notes, and you can drag them into a container and plot them.

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This sounds really helpful. I will give that a try!