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Populating/Updating a new UserAttribute variable with values from linkType?

My research is telling me that linkTypes are not exposed like many other attributes, however I thought I would ask.

Lets say I have 3 link types: untitled; note; note+ and now I add a fourth: RelatesTo
In addition, I have created a new User Attribute: xLinkType
What I want to do is to autoUpdate my set values in xLinkType with the values from the inherent linkTypes found in the Links tab. Is this possible?

I do not see a system attribute called linkType yet it seems to be an attribute for Links.

Currently, I am manually updating xLinkType with the linkType values but feel, somehow I can better automate this step.

I have created a very basic and simple file…with the above in place.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

xLinkTypeDemo.tbx (58.9 KB)

Late here, catching this as I turn in, but the above is easily answered. Attributes, in the Tinderbox sense, are an aspect of notes. But, links are not notes, some don’t have attributes. Links do have have properties; ‘attributes’ of the underlying XML if you prefer, but regardless—they aren’t Tinderbox-type attributes.

I don’t think there is an action code operator that lists all the link types in use, whatever the scope chosen, though such an affordance has been raised in a different forum, IIRC.

FWIW, there are speculative experiments underway in Tinderbox 9.1 to address this.

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