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Possible bug with links in hyperbolic view

Hi all.

I faced this problem on my project and thought that maybe my file was corrupted. Then I recreated a small file to check if the problem remains, and it is.

On the “Map View” you can see 3 test notes and their relations:
Protocol Security -(uses)-> Information Security
Protocol Security -(uses)-> Game Theory

Inside the “Information Security” note, there are two notes:
Cryptography -(uses)-> Probability Theory

Also, there are two following links added in order to include the inner notes to the “Hyperbolic View” of the whole file:
Cryptography -(part of)-> Information Security
Probability Theory -(part of)->Information Security

With all this setup, when I activate the “Hyperbolic View” I see that the link
Cryptography -(uses)-> Probability Theory
is displayed visa versa as
Probability Theory -(uses)-> Cryptography
which is wrong.

Please help me to point out if I’m doing smth wrong or is this a bug that has to be fixed.

TBX Links Bug.tbx (89.5 KB)

This does look like a blunder in hyperbolic view. The problem lies almost certainly with the view, rather than the link itself.

We’ll investigate.

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Can you please share some plans/schedule for fixing this issue?
Asking because I rely on the Hyperbolic View very much in my current work.

Most software developers are very reluctant to discuss schedules for things like this. Apple won’t even discuss whether there’s a problem or not. (Lots of Tinderbox issues are right at the edge of research, or beyond, and it’s not really practical to schedule research success.)

But the fix is already available backstage, so there’s no point in being too cagy. Tinderbox: Tinderbox Backstage

It’ll be in the next release, which ought to be fairly soon.