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Possible to hide the tab bar with TB 6.1


I just cranked up my copy of tb 6.1 again - after all this time still trying to get used to the new UI … sighs…

Anyway, it occurred to me that if I could just full screen and hide the top tab bar then I’d be close to what I love and am used to with TB5 and earlier.

Problem is I dont see a way to do this. Is it possible at all does anyone know?

I don’t think you can hide the top bar unless you go Text Only mood (CMD+4). There is also a commend “Hide Tab Bar” under the View menu. But, that one doesn’t seem to affect the one you are talking about if correctly understood you.

Tinderbox 6.1.0 was released in 2014…

FWIW, the View menu show/Hide Tabs is for Sierra tabs (i.e. per-doc tabs) which are an OS level thing new in v7 (though arising since OS 10.12 Sierra launched). The Tinderbox tab bar can’t be hidden**. Note that it contains the link park (left end of the tab bar).

Is there a problem with the tab bar?

** Edit. This is incorrect, read down thread for clarification.

Thanks for the replies everyone. See below.

Wow, was it really that long ago for TB 6.1? It’s the latest one I have as to be honest I never liked the new UI / split screen after using the old style for so many years. Have tried many times to like it or at least get used to it. Reason I am coming back again now is because I find TB so good a fit for how I think plus I have two large scale book projects to collaborate on and TB is so so good for this stuff.

The main reason why I was asking about the removal of the tab bar is simply visual inertia I guess, combined with I always use laptop so screen space is important as I do maybe 70 percent of my tinderbox work in map view.

Guess I will have to try to get used to it, yes I know it has the link park, but for me not having that always on screen and in the same place is no big deal.

– As an aside but (to me) related question. Is there any product that will enable sharing a TB map or outline (with notes) easily with a non computer wiz running windows?


Sharing how? Just to view, or in a form they can edit? If you export to HTML, pretty much any PC (Win/Mac/Linux) can read it. Or you could export to RTF (which Word can open). Or, do you have some windows outliner in mind?

Tinderbox doesn’t export maps in an interactive form but Edit -> Copy view as Image is much improved from previous versions. It copies the whole map (i.e. including bits not on screen) and if you paste the result into Preview and save as a PDF the data is in vector form so is scalable. That method preserves most Map features (IIRC things like gradients aren’t retained) - anyway much more flexible than a JPG or PNG and most windows boxes seem to ship with some PDF viewer (Acrobat or otherwise) installed.

To hide the Tinderbox tab bar, choose View ▸ Tab ▸ Hide Tabs.

Re the last it’s worth noting that View ▸ Hide Tabs toggles Sierra (doc) tabs and View ▸ Tab ▸ Hide Tabs hides the ‘normal’ Tinderbox used in v6.0+. Note, too, that the latter auto-reveals (like with a hidden Dock) the tabs when your cursor approaches the top of the window (or screen if in full-screen). When hidden, a very small strip of the Tab bar remains visible; I assume thats a reminder that there are tabs. The auto-reveal means the link park is not off limits. (I’ve amended my wrong call on this up-thread).

Ah, yet another feature that I hadn’t known about but whose existence is good news to me. Elegantly implemented too. Thanks Mark B for the feature, and Mark A for note of its presence.

Thanks for the tip Mark, sadly my TB 6.1 does not seem to have this option (see image below), though I checked TB7 demo and that does so I guess it was added after 6.1 which is a shame (for me) as it works very nicely and does exactly what I was looking for.

Anyways, thanks for all the input everyone.

IIRC, support for the new Sierra-OS document tabs was added at v7.0.0. As v6.1.0 was released 2 Oct 2014 and Sierra on 20 Sep 2016, the earliest v6.x release that could have supported this would be v7.0.0 as the last v6 release was v6.6.5 on 14 Sep 2016.

If you are still able to upgrade for free, I’d strongly recommend jumping to the current v7 as the big UI change was from v5 to v6, necessitated in part by moving code off some very old frameworks and onto Apple’s current ones. By comparison, v7 ‘looks’ like v6 but with improvements - of course!

As posted here, I’ve made some updates to aTbref7’s notes on document and in-document tab bars.

FWIW, I think if you’ve taken the step from TB5 to TB6, there’s mainly upside in moving on to TB7. In going from 5 to 6, you’ve already been exposed to / gotten used to / taken the hit for the shift from many windows, to one big window. There’s no comparable adjustment required in going from 6 to 7, and there are a lot of new functions, conveniences, fit-and-finish touches, and so on.

Oh sorry, I assumed from the context and what was said that the hide the tab bar with auto reveal was something to be found in at least some of the 6.x series (it also seemed such an obvious thing to have in the UI as well)

Sadly nope no can do upgrade just now, hence why I am on 6.1 for now.