Poster installers

I’m trying to implement a poster note using Plotly in one of my Tinderbox documents, and I’m finding the learning curve daunting.

I came across this text in one of the example .tbx files demonstrating posters:

Most people won’t use posters directly. Instead, they’ll use an installer to add a specific kind of poster note to their Tinderbox map, and then connect it to their own data.

Is that still correct?

Yes, but ‘installer’ here isn’t an app(let) you run but rather action code you write/run to ensure all the necessary attributes/templates and other stuff are set up correctly. Once written then , yes, it is like a push-button installer.

Sounds like a topic for today’s meet-up. I’m mostly busy up till then but we could still take a look if we’ve nothing more pressing to discuss.

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