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[Potential] Improvements of editing?

Recently I just found a problem with editing in Tinderbox, which brings me bad user experience in TB. Generally I use PDF Export to read PDF and when I found something to note down or some ideas pop up I’d use Command-Tab to bring TB to front. And when finished noting, of course, I press Command-Tab again to switch back to PDF Expert.
Problems arises when I’m writing down some long notes. When I’ve already wrote down half way and found I’ve forget something and need to refer to the PDF again, I switch to PDF Expert but, when I switched back, I found the editing cursor’s not at the position I was editing right now. It seems, always, the editing panel lost focus and the editing cursor was sent back to the start of the note.
So please, do not move my cursor away, as I have to continue writing when going back from another applications.
Another problem is similar: when I finished creating a note and renamed it, without pressing down ENTER, I Command-Tabbed away. When I switched back, depressed, I found the name I just entered was not saved and the note was reverted to “untitled”.
Someone may not consider them as bugs, but just for myself, correcting them would largely improve my experience of editing.

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This is a known recent bug that has already been reported; it re-occurred as a by-product of fixing something else. I believe a fix will in the next release*.

*As this is a user forum I don’t know when. If urgent contact tech support directly.


Thanks and glad to know that :slight_smile: BTW I truly love the response time here. You are awesome!!