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Pressing space bar to shift focus to text window -- no cursor?

Hi, first post – and a pretty minor topic, but I just want clarification on something. Using TB7.5.1, when I select a note in map view and hit the space bar, the frame around the text window flashes momentarily, but the cursor doesn’t appear. Once the flash is gone, it’s hard to tell that the text window has focus. This contrasts with when I mouse click into the text window – there’s the flash and the cursor is there, blinking away.

Is this the way it’s intended to be, or is it a glitch?

[I’m on 10.13.5 if that makes any difference].

From testing, the spacebar focus-shift method does work. Focus is placed in the text pane but the text cursor is not drawn until after the first keystroke. I think this is unintended - the cursor ought to show on first focus.

The highlight border is a new innovation that helps when working on large datatsets and constantly shifting pane. It makes it far easier to spot focus than relying on text cursor alone. so, until the above is fixed, rely on the text pane highlight to indicate focus has shifted.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking (and from the short experience I had with <7.5, I think it did work that way, but I can’t be sure).

Thanks for the reply. Do I email Eastgate, or is posting here enough for these kind of things?

I’ve mailed it in. In general, unless you’re told it’s a known issue, don’t assume it’s been reported or that a forum post is sufficient. It’s worth sending a short email to support as they may want to follow up, e.g. see the file causing a problem or to work through the steps causing a problem.

The underlying point is this isn’t formal tech support, just a user to user forum. So, whilst Eastgate may (and probably does) read mmost posts here you can’t rely on that fact - especially if it’s a pressing issue. HTH. :grinning:

Yup! Thanks for the info (and your site – it’s my go-to for my climb up the TB learning curve).

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Thanks. Writing it (starting back in 2004!) was how I got to learn the app.