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Probably simple - but can't find it: keyb shortcut to move between View pane (Left side) and Text pane (Right side)

Hi guys and galls,

Title says it all. I did search Acrobatfaq and found a lot of information but unless I missed it did not find an a way.

  • How to switch between the Left side (View pane) and the Right side (Text pane) of a TBX window?
  • Is there a way to ‘cycle through’ the various areas? (Toolbar, Document tab bar, Normal tab bar etc.)

As always, thanks for helping out!

Option-Tab (⌥⇥) will cycle between the Outline or Map view, the Text area. If the key attributes for a note are visible, the the KA area is added to the cycle. E.g., Outline --> KAs --> Text --> Outline. Once in the Outline or KA sections you need to use arrow keys for navigation. Or the mouse, of course.

See this within this.


Thanks a ton! Exactly what I needed!

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