Problem with Tinderbox

I just started having a problem with a Tinderbox file (which is probably a year old) where the notes are flashing and/or moving back and forth depending on the view. On two occasions, Tinderbox crashed.

Here is the report on the crash.

Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks Patrick

I believe this crash was addressed in a recent update; I notice you’re still using 9.7.0.

Flashing notes? That’s a new one! Sounds like an action is setting $Opacity, or perhaps moving the note and then moving it back.

Hello- I just purchased the upgrade and still the same problem, but now I am unable to access any of the notes in the file. I click on the note but unable to gain access to the content inside the note. Thanks

Send a copy of your document, and all your4 crash logs, to (It’s 20:40 local time, so this might not get attention ’til morning.)

I think it’s wildly unlikely that you have the same problem.