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Problems placing a note directly beneath a separator in Outline View

Somehow I cannot place a note directly beneath a separator with the mouse. It gets indented instantly. Not, when it is the second note or further down below the separator. And it is also no problem to push the note there with the keyboard shortcut CMD+up. Only with the mouse. Is this normal behaviour?

If you select the separator with the mouse, right click or control click it, and then choose Create Note from the contextual menu, it should create a note right under the separator.

Does that work for you?

Ok. I think, I did not describe my problem exactly enough. This is not, when I create a note, but when I drag a note from elsewhere to beneath the separator…

I’ve certainly already reported this feature as partly broken. In the new v6+ UI you need to click on the note icon and drag it almost off-screen left (i.e. far further than seems sensible) in order to get the right level of insertion.

Until this is fixed, and unless the object dropped onto (here a separator) has an OnAdd with undesired outcome, it’s easiest to drop the note as a child and then use Opt+Tab to promote it as a sibling of its current parent.

Yeah I find the drag-and-drop repositioning of notes in the outline to be finicky, and so I end up using keyboard shortcuts most of the time.

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