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Problems using Geographic Adornment


I am using Version 8.9.1 (b486) and was hoping to get the geographic adornments to work.

I manage to get the maps shown by providing lat/long & range.
If I then create or pull notes onto the adornment that have what I believe to be appropriate lat/lon info, they will be pushed off the adornment to its side. I tested even using similar lat/lon data on both the adornment and the note and it did not work.

I have tested this for places in Germany as well as for New Mexico (file attached), same result.

I have also tried to check the info that Mark has mentioned sits inside the help file, but Tb help doesn’t load for me.

Any help highly appreciated! Thx, Daniel.

GEO Tinderbox 8 Document.tbx (115.7 KB)

We’re investigating.

I tested your doc in Tinderbox v8.9.0 on macOS 10.14.6 and can confirm the effect.
Furthermore placing notes with Lat/Long within the adornment’s map area onto the adornment has no effect. At some point—seemingly when the map view pane refreshes- all notes on the mp are moved off the adornment, which is different from documented behaviour as in the app Help and my own aTbRef notes (as based upon app release notes).

Is there anything I can do to make this work? Any information would be appreciated!

I’d suggest contacting formal Tech Support (info@eastgate.com) directly for an update; the issue is acknowledged (see above). But, as we’re only fellow users here (despite the fact the dev drops by), we’ve no more recent info on this than you. Sorry! :slight_smile:

It’s being addressed, but some Big Sur issues come first.


TINDERBOX 8.9.2 fixes this - it works and is such a great feature! Awesome.

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I’d be very interested to hear how you use them!

Current project is to figure out geographic contexts. I have to make a decision on where to move, and which school & kindergarten to choose to send my kids to and how all of that fits together. So this is where the function is really helpful.
I could see this being extremely useful for people who use geolocated notes as in DevonThink mobile, synch these to Tbx and then show them on the map.
Incredibly helpful for creating topic & user-centered maps that help you make sense of the data you’re gathering!

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