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Proper note clones

I know this topic comes up from time to time (such as in this discussion), but I’m wondering if any more thought has gone into offering proper clones in Tinderbox. That is, a mechanism for having the same note appear as the child of two different containers, and generally extending the organization of notes in a Tinderbox document from a tree to a DAG.

This feature would distinctly improve the value of Tinderbox’s outlining interface for me. For example, contextual notes that live elsewhere in the outline could be pulled into a hoisted view, where they could be viewed and linked to without switching visual contexts.

I may still be too much of a newb to answer correctly, but would creating an alias do what you need here?

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Sorry for the very late reply, but no — aliases won’t do for a number of reasons. The most immediate one for my uses is that aliases don’t share the children of their referent note, so if you put an alias in an outline, you have to jump to the original note to see its children. Since topological locality of grandchildren is often of high importance to outline views, aliases fail here. Concretely, I want the same tree to appear beneath two nodes, like the four note here:

But with aliases I get this: