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Prototype KeyAttributes

I was trying to define a Prototype named Inbox in order to jot down a note everywhere in a
map. Setting that note “Inbox” there is a rule that set the container of that item in /Imbox and change some appearances.

It does work

I know, it’s more simple to use a stamp for this simple task but playing with this I stumbled upon a couple of problem (for me at least)

  1. After moving the note from the actual map to the container /Imbox by a rule in the prototype or a rule in an agent, the item desappear and all the map moves to the left in a point out of my focus (Ok this can be a very negligible behavior)

  2. I see that the note inherit The keyAttributes of the prototype erasing the previous one.
    I tried to se a rule to maintain those but nothing, I don’t find the solution.
    I have tried with a rule: $KeyAttribute=$KeyAttribute.

Now, it’s not important to find a solution for the imbox prototype, I can stamp the container attribute ok.

But for future cases Is important to me to change the prototype of a note without losing the previous KeyAttributes, is there a way to do this?

First, while you can work this way, it’s not (in my opinion) a natural way of working with Tinderbox. Most people create notes where they belong, and then use agents to assemble sets of aliases of particular interest.

Second, your Inbox is not necessarily a prototype at all. Any container can have a rule! A prototype is typically a note that represents the common characteristics of a class of notes — a Person because all people are likely to have email addresses and postal codes, a Book because all books are likely to have authors and publishers.

$KeyAttributes is an attribute like any other. So, if a note adopts Inbox as a prototype and doesn’t itself have a value for $KeyAttributes, it adopts the prototype’s value. That’s the point of prototypes.

Suggestion: step back, and tell us what sort of problem you’re working on, and what you want to do. I bet we’ll hav some suggestions.

oh yes

I was confusing KeyAttributes with Attributes. Changing the key attributes doesn’t erase the value of attribute itself. Tinderbox is a great logic exercise.

I am not working on a specific problem, I’m just playing with it now to discover all the possibilities to develop a personal knowledge system to collect and analyze informations from my business area to my personal interests.

Thank you Mark

You might ant to check out my articles here: http://www.acrobatfaq.com/tb_clarify/index.html

The ones on Key Attributes and Inheritance seem pertinent.

Thank you Mark
I found particulary useful this: Tinderbox v6+ - Inheritance.
Some people here asked for a good and simple introductory book or some starter template.
During the study of Tinderbox I am recognizing that it’s impossible to have, the program has endless possibility of structures and area of application.
The only way to work with Tinderbox is working with your own personal tinderbox.