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Prototype list sort order

IS there a way to control the sort order of the prototype list that appears when adding a prototype to a note? It seems to be random, and can make it challenging to find the correct prototype when the list is lengthy.


That list, in the Inspector or in view pop-up menus is all prototype notes in $OutlineOrder order. If all your prototype are in the default Prototypes container, then simply re-order the notes within that container to the desired order. If you have notes all through your document, simply re-order based on $OutlineOrder. In the latter case, if different prototypes live on different maps you may be limited and it might make sense to move all prototype to the default container and alias them back into maps if needs be.

Although any note can function as a prototype, once you’ve decided to make effective use of prototypes it makes sense to not have prototypes that are both an actual note and a prototype. IOW, make a prototype note whose only role is a as prototype used by other notes. In the incremental formalisation process the Tinderbox supports so well, this can mean having a note with actual content that you’ve used as a prototype and making a ‘clean’ version without content (e.g. specific $Text) and then making all relevant notes use the new prototype. In the case of the ex-prototype note you’ll need to reset all the customised attributes so they now inherit from the new prototype.

As MWRA says. the order if prototypes in the prototype menu is the Outline Order of the prototype notes.

I seldom need more than a dozen prototypes, even in a complex document. You might want to think whether you’re getting real benefit from all those prototypes. I can certainly envision situations where you’d want them, but it’s worth a thought. Can you tell us more about your project?

Thanks to both of you. I have 10 - 12 prototypes. I just find it a tad faster to find they are sorted alphabetically

I’ve updated my article on the Prototype pop-up menu, to give better indication as to how to re-order the prototype list.