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Pull attributes with a zip link and export value integrations

Is there a way in a note’s $Text to link to another note and pull in attributes in the note’s $Text from other linked notes’ attributes? For instance, I’d like to link to a note, pull in the name and the $PublicationYear of the linked note.

You might be able to do this with a link action. But it’s not really idiomatic.

What do you mean by “But it’s not really idiomatic.”? The link action would certainly allow me to pass data back and forth and populate fields, that is a good idea, but it is not exactly what I was looking for.

Oh – sorry. I spaced on the zip link; you can’t set link types from a zip link.

In making a normal link, you could use a link type with a link action such as


Thanks, but this is not what was looking for. What I am trying to do, I want to pull in the $Name and $PublicationYear attributes from Note A into the $Text of Note B and link them back to Note A. Is this possible?


Mechanistic and requires pressing Return next to the quick link, but a stamp can mimic the required outcome. But no doubt this will be of no interest to you.


The concept can be adapted to an agent.

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Thanks so much for the reply. It is a lot of interest to me, I just have to figure it out as I don’t fully understand it. I will try tomorrow. Much appreciated.

  1. This is not dynamic – if $Name(A) or $PublicationDate(A) change, then nothing gets updated.
  2. If the stamp is applied more than once then rancid hash results.
  3. Using this concept in an Agent is complicated, and I’ll leave that method for another time.
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First off, you are AWESOME!!!

I’m starting to understand the syntax now.

Maybe I should have not, but he “\n” as carriage return was not clear to me and the “A” being the name of the other title did not immediately jump out at me, it did about an hour after I responded.

When I run the above as a Stamp, however, the $PublicationYear comes through but the note name is not actually linked.

At any rate, I am grateful for all your responses and for teaching me.

I didn’t say it would be.

I did say:

meaning, it’s set up with ```[[A]]`` but stamps cannot press keys, so you have to manually press :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: and make the linking occur.

The stamp solution is elegant. I should’ve thought of that!


Ah, you are right, you did not. Interestingly, in my test I found I need to hit the delete key first then enter. Anyway, thanks! I’m learning. :slight_smile: