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Question on how to denote a section of $Text as non-printing?

I seem to recall this being discussed on the forum, but that’s all I got. I’m trying to make a section of $Text non-printing / non-previewable / non-exportable. Is it action code-able? The other thought i’m grasping at is designating these notes as pCode and remarking out the lines.

  1. Non-exportable is easy: $HTMLDontExport

  2. Non-prieviewable is easy: assign an export template that says something like, “This page cannot be previewed.” But why would you?

  3. I don’t think non-printable is possible.

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I’m just trying to have a section of the text not print. But then in thinking, I figure I can dunk that section into a new $String instead, out of the way but yet accessible.

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That solution makes sense. Althuogh many generate information in Tinderbox to use outside the app, i.e. after export, export is an option and not an expectation. Thus the lack of an inline ‘do not export’ option.

If you export to HTML or Markdown you could also use inline HTML comment mark-up:

<!-- This is a comment-->

That won’t render in HTML but will be in the HTML page source so might be inappropriate if the comment is sensitive and shouldn’t leave Tinderbox at all.

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