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Questionable Cloud sync behavior/hubris

Hi all,

Wonder if someone has an answer to this - google/support.apple.com didn’t yield anything of substance…

I’ve found several thousand copies of some of my .tbx files in the folder below - they’re using up quite a few GB. I’m unlikely to need this many copies or versions of these files ever.

Are they manually delete-able? Could I expect they’d automatically be flushed during a subsequent MacOS operation, say a Time Machine backup or similar?

~/Library/Application Support/CloudDocs/session/r


If you search Google for the term I highlighted above you’ll find quite a bit of information and advice on what to do. It’s clearly an iCloud sync issue or failure, and probably you’ll find better technical advice on the Apple Support forum and others (following the links found in the search) than here.

It’s not a Tinderbox issue, I’m pretty sure.

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You’re right, @PaulWalters, it’s not TB-specific. My searches on google and apple support yielded a lot of noise and no direct signal. But will dive in again. Thx.