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Quick Links and Key Attributes

I apologize if this is painfully obvious (which I guess it’s not or I wouldn’t be asking, I hope):

I’m trying to set up a CRM TBX document and I want to have Contacts separate from Organizations. I want to be able to make $ContactPerson a Key Attribute for the Organization prototype. I then want to be able to enter in the name of a Contact and have it link to the Contact note.

I can do this super easy in the $Text using the relatively new Quick Link feature, but I want to make it part of the Key Attributes.

Am I looking at an agent action of some kind? Should I be using RegEx to match the $ContactPerson with the $Name of a Contact note?

Other ideas welcome! Thanks!

Here’s an example of an approach for this. The file has prototypes for contacts and organizations. The prototype for organizations uses a Rule to add a link – i.e., linkTo($Contact) – to make a link from the org to the contact. You can follow the links in Roadmap view.

Contact Linking Example.tbx (60.9 KB)

updated to add the contact-linking rule discussed below

A simplistic starting point you might be able to build on.

That’s super helpful, thanks. I really need to dig into those types of commands (linkTo, etc.).

Is there a way to use an agent to populate a list of outgoing and incoming links and create clickable URLs for them such that I don’t have to use the Roadmap command? (If not, that’s fine, Roadmap is good enough).

I think what you’re asking is how to create a link to the contact’s note so you do not have to use Roadmap view?

You can create a user attribute, say ContactURL and make it URL type. Put that in your Key Attributes list. Then add a rule to the organization prototype


(Every note has a built in system attribute NoteURL that already is loaded with that note’s URL.)

Click the globe icon next to ContactURL in your KA list and it will open the note for that Organization’s Contact

I’ve updated the demo file, in my first post above, to do that for you.

Two assumptions: every org has one and only one contact. And you didn’t misspell the contact’s name. There are more complex methods to handle cases where these assumptions are false. Let’s save that for another rainy day :neutral_face:

Thanks!! I live in Seattle, so I’m sure another rainy day will come around soon enough…