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Quick Links not working?

Hi, I’ve returned to Tinderbox after a while (thanks to Howard Oakley’s write-ups).

I’ve been trying to use Quick Links in Tinderbox 7.0.2 and while I can get the pop-up list of notes after typing “[[”, selecting an entry (say “Tom Brown’s Schooldays”) leaves me with the text “[[Tom Brown’s Schooldays” and no link. I’m guessing that I’m doing something silly, and would be grateful if you can tell me what it is! :confused:

Start typing until you see a list of match(es) pop-up. Use the up/down arrow keys to select the correct match, and then Tab or right-arrow to complete the link.

Thanks Mark. Trying this gives the same results as described in this post - the selection is lost and replaced with the text I’d originally typed. So “[[W” and selecting “Woof” in the drop down list leaves me with only “W” showing (and no link).

I just tried re-installing Tinderbox 7.0.1 and what you describe works perfectly. It seems as if 7.0.2 has changed something…

I can’t replicate that using the v7.0.2b225 (current release). I’m using a 2013 MBAir on 10.12.4. What is the actual exact note name you’re trying to match - does it have less-usual characters (accents, etc.) in it?

Hi Mark, I think Mark Bernstein has replicated this. I was running b255 on an iMac 5K running 10.12.4. The two notes had only single word titles with no accents or other unusual characters.

Good. Please don’t take my “couldn’t replicate” as censure. It’s more meant as a helpful indicator that the effect is not seen on all Macs and that more info may be needed. Glad to hear MB’s seeing it as it increases the likely speed of a fix.

An aspect I do see if the auto-match appears over-eager. If several items match the current typing, the down key can select the first item as soon as selected via the down key before you can scroll to another item and if you try and back up an auto-match (via backspace key) then I do see a single letter resulting.

Hi Mark, I didn’t see it as censure :grinning:. And indeed, your description is exactly the case here as my testing was with two notes so the over-eager matching did indeed occur. But I was also able to recreate something similar with a longer list, although the behaviour was slightly different the end result still gave no link.

Thanks very much,