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Quick Look integration in Text pane - possible?

One of the features of macOS / Finder that I use a lot is pressing the spacebar when having some image selected in the
Finder to have Quick Look show a larger preview but without opening the image in any app.

I also often paste screenshots in a Tinderbox note’s text pane.
Is there some way to have the same Quick Look behaviour with any pasted image in Tinderbox?
Meaning that with the image selected, pressing space-bar would pop-up a larger Quick Look preview…

Is or can this be supported in Tinderbox?

Tinderbox does not store image files, in encodes the image data into the Tinderbox XML document, so there is no file inside Tinderbox for a QuickLook generator to show a “preview”. You can of course open the Text Window for a note and drag out the size to full size for the image.

Or, link to the file via a File-type URL and put it in KAs. @PaulWalters has already indicated why the concept is perhaps less simple than imagined. A File-type attribute works now and needs no extra new engineering.

I had also looked for QL functionality.

There are a few other options I think. If you’ve pasted the file (let’s assume it’s JPEG) into the $Text of a note, then when I pass the cursor over the image in the note editor a small pop-up menu indicator shows in the upper right. If you use that menu, there are various extensions available for dealing with pictures. E.g. the same Markup option in the Finder is available. If I use the Markup option I see the picture in full. Now, supposing this is too small, I can pinch out to zoom using the trackpad. If you have an iPad, and you’re using macOS 10.15 and iOS 13, you can display the image on your iPad. This setting is sticky, so now whenever I preview an image in this way in Tinderbox, I see it on my iPad if available.

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Here are screenshots of what @entropydave David is describing.

and the ability in Markup to send the image to your iOS/iPadOS device for viewing (“x” is my phone):

Over here, I have Prizmo installed (via SetApp) and so I have another feature in that little menu to “Recognize Text”, which is helpful because it recognizes text in an image selection and can put it on the clipboard.

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Thanks everyone for helping out and clarifying!
I’ll have to do some more experimenting and reading and learning TBX…

Did some tests with the ‘File’ attribute. (I wasn’t evenaware of its existence…) and YES, this seems to work with anything I throw at it (file-type-wise that is)

The extensions path is definetely an interesting one… I’ve used Prizmo before, though only on iOS I think.

Do we have some ‘extension-info-collection’ somewhere? Acrobatfaq? The forum?
Should be very helpfull and intresting, not?


P.S. For the record: I have experimented with Setapp but have chosen the path of the preferably single license purchase wherever possible - indeed TBX is one of the few exceptions, but then TBX is an exceptional application isn’t it :wink:

Also I realise this is kind of a mix with one of my other posts regarding the possible use of multiple URL attributes.

Nevertheless it would be awesome to have e.g. a Finder> Quick Look extension… Let’s keep searching!

It os an OS feature and not a Tinderbox feature so I’m unlikely to be adding this to aTbRef (there’s quite enough to track in Tinderbox to keep my spare time busy!).

Individual apps may offer extensions but I imagine they’d more likely to be documented by the extensions creator or on side centred on OS extensions.

The cases above that @entropydave pointed out are macOS extensions, not iOS/iPadOS.

Anyone can build their own Quick Actions with Automator, and insert them into the Finder Quick Action extensions. You activate these in Finder with System Preferences > Extensions.

In Catalina, they Quick Actions can be accessed in Finder in the Preview Pane:


(The Get File URL action is one I built with Automator and added to Finder.)

Someone could build a Quick Action to add a file to Tinderbox, if so inclined.

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