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QuickLink visibility in maps v 'Parked' Text Links



There seems to be a difference in the way that QuickLinks and ‘Parked’ Text links are treated in map view.

QuickLinks are given a type untitled and they are visible in map view – but they don’t seem to be standard untitled links, because I can’t find a way to turn off visibility. Ie: toggling untitled link visibility in the Inspector will show/hide normal untitled links, but has no effect on the QuickLinks, which continue to show.

Standard Text Links created by using the parking mechanism are also given a type untitled (albeit they are coloured differently) — but they do respond to the visibility toggle.

I can’t find anything in the help file, this forum or abtref discussing this (it may be there, I just can’t find it). Is this expected behaviour and if so, is there a reason for the difference?


I can confirm this. I think there is a glitch in the way visibility(which should work at per-link type granularity) is working. It’s not just QuickLinks per se but an explanation will just confuse. There is an issue and I’ll report it.

Thanks Mark!

I’d be happy to report it myself, but you obviously have a deeper understanding of the problem, so I’ll defer to you. Much appreciated…

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Noted as new issue 2136. Thanks.