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Quitting Differently

After pressing ⌘Q when I intended to press ⌘1 (inspector) – for about the 10th time today – :exploding_head: – it dawned on me to use System Preferences to reassign Quit Tinderbox to ⌥Q.

Just an obvious change. Might be useful for others.

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I curse the person who put the “q” key next to the “tab” key

good idea

For related reasons, I have used System Preferences to remap ⌘W, which by default closes a window (but not the whole file), to Save. The reason is that when you have a multi-window layout, as I do in several files, accidentally closing a window means loss of all the set-up work you’ve done to create the tabs and displays in that window. Maybe this has been changed recently, but in previous versions, closing a window couldn’t be undone.

That leaves me with no keyboard shortcut for closing an individual window, which is fine with me. On the rare times I want to do so, I just do it manually, clicking the corner button.

I have also set up Shift-Cmd-W to close the file as a whole, since that preserves the multi-window layout of the file.

I know this doesn’t contribute much to the conversation, but @jfallows, that’s #$%^& brilliant.

⌘W by default is Close Tab. Close Window by default is ⇧⌘W.

I’d suggest a better approach is to not create custom shortcuts for Tinderbox via System Preferences, but use Better Touch Tool (1). In BTT create a keyboard shortcut for Tinderbox and assign ⌘W to “No Action”. The shortcut will still appear in Tinderbox’s menu next to Close Tab but as long as BTT is active, pressing ⌘W will do nothing at all.

(1) BTT is essential – probably the best utility for macOS, IMO.

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