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Random selection of items in outline

Since upgrading to TB 7 (and now 7.1), when I select a file, in outline view, multiple files are randomly selected. I can’t select a single file. So on the right side I see items from a few of the selected items, but not complete.

If I select another fie (name), then an entirely different set of files are all selected.

This happens on my laptop, but the desktop does not have this problem.

Any help? I had many files from seminary and this prevents me from using it at all.

It looks as though the file has unintentionally created Composites, a new v7+ feature. Also see “Suppressing formation of composites”.

To undo the compositing, select any note (that selects others too) and the Edit menu -> Break Composite. De-/Re-select the note and it should now select on its own. Repeat the procedure once for any other composites you don’t want. If you never want composite behaviour in your doc, see the above links on how to set that up.

Thank you. I am heading out for the evening, so will try when I get home

Worked perfectly. Thank you

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