Read selected value from select box in preview - using JavaScript

Is there way to read a value (with javascript?) from a html select box when the value is selected in Tbx Preview?

I would like to save the selected value (blue outline box) in an attribute (with a stamp?)

The select box in the html (seen in the preview) is inserted via an iframe.

“<iframe name=“myIframe” src=”^value($ReferenceURL(/Subtext/))^wordpress/wp-content/writing-tools/instant-scene_4iframe.php?issue=^value($Dramatica)^&gist=^value($Gist)^&" width=“600” height=“40” frameBorder=“0"” >No Iframe Supported"

I use the preview window in Tbx a lot as it is for my purpose faster - instead exporting the note/document and do the select in a browser.

Thanks for your help.

That’s a super interesting idea. It would be interesting to see if the “submit” button could trigger a stamp and somehow parse the select value from the dialog boxes. As Preview is NOT a full browser, it may not have the context.

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