Reading aTbRef as a single HTML document

This is in response to a request from user @FredW who wanted to be able to read documentation at a larger text size. Visual acuity varies, and this seems a reasonable request, and one that PDF-based documents cope with poorly as text size is typeset (i.e. hardcoded) into the document.

As it happens, the PDFs of aTbRef and the app Help doc are both produced in the same way. Part of aTbRef’s export is a single(!) HTML file that shows the whole of the website as a single HTML file. It uses the sites CSS files and images for stying and image display.

Due to (past) issues with HTMLExportCommand, a command line need to be run on the export to make intra-site links point in-doc rather than to per-article pages. For now, I’ve done this and the processed page is available online as ‘print-export-source-proc.html’. I’m looking at a way to avoid this step as ‘just’ running commands in Terminal isn’t simple for many users.

For now:

The folder will now contain the HTML file and 2 folders (css and images. Open the HTML file to read the document in a web browser. For bigger text, use either your web browser’s zoom or edit the CSS in the CSS files. The default is 13px for body text.

If wanting to print the content, customise the CSS. The output page size is whatever you select during the print process (i.e. it is a function of print and not my page’s settings).

In due course I hope to be able to do the same for the app’s Help manual. However, I’m not the controller for that file, and whilst it uses the same process it may need some additional work before the above output approach can be used.

†. I just added this new affordance during today’s meet-up to make it easier to get hold of the CSS files.


It is a great idea to have a adjustable HTML file, thank you! However, there is a problem with the ZIP file links and the files:

  • both ZIP files hold 353 PNG files
  • none of the ZIP files holds a css file
  • none of the downloaded ZIP file names is or

Thank you in advance for looking into this! :smile:

@hermeneia. Oops- thanks for reporting this. I’ll look into getting it fixed. The issue is the zipping code for the CSS.

Fixed. now contains CSS files. As I had to change some template code, I’ve also updated a new zip og the TBX file.

I’m so sorry, the mistake was on my side – my browser Arc caused the problem. With Safari everything is okay! Thank you!

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Thanks for reporting back. I’m glad the resource is now working for you as intended.